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These mostly rectangular shaped images are from my Post-Apocalyptic URBAN WARE series that consist primarily of elongated and squared, irregularly rimmed open vessels in various sizes that take the form of and symbolize skyscrapers, towers, and mid to low-rise buildings. The vessel forms are mostly slab constructed from stoneware clay and the textured surfaces are treated with underglazes, engobes, high and low-fire glazes, and overglazes. A wood base is fabricated from recycled wood for each structure and is then permanently attached to the vessel form serving as a visual foundation and/or platform stand. Up to 53 individual works in this series have been combined and arranged in an installation to create an urban landscape setting as well as single block compositions.

The idea for this Post-Apocalyptic series evolved after the millennium with visions of New York City in ruins from the original PLANET OF THE APES film and footage of bombed out cities in Europe from WW II up to the elsewhere. Some of the works were created in response to particular buildings in Seattle, others related to particular architectural styles, while others paid homage to specific architects and artists. Others reference the ever-present image of Mt Fuji, a Norwegian stavkirke, the pocked and scarred surface of the Parthenon, the shimmering iridescence of the Moorish Alcazar, Mayan glyphs, and two pop culture films. Two recent sub-series are based on natural to manmade disasters and with wood species married to street names.

The other series harkens back to earlier work and takes the form of lifesized adult T-shirts and camouflaged shirts.  

Both series are ongoing. 

Artist Statement
2012 Cuba
2013 Turkey and Uzbekistan
2014 Scandinavia
2015 North and West Africa
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